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Speedball Left-handed Nib Set

Speedball is known for their dip-style fountain pens and nibs. The Left-handed Set is made up of a nib holder and six left-handed-friendly nibs.

Note: This is the nib set used in our How To Test Fountain Pen Ink article. 

The set includes six nibs:

  • LC0
  • LC1
  • LC2
  • LC3
  • LC4
  • 513EF

… as well a plastic nib holder (basically a tapered pen barrel) and an instruction manual.

The nibs range from being quite broad (LC0) to extremely fine (513EF) and all have considerable amounts of flex built in. The 513EF is the only “pointed pen” nib in the bunch, while the rest are comparable to Speedball’s A-Series of nibs. The A-Series  is what you’d buy if you are right-handed.


Speedball Left-handed Nib Set Information

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Manufacturer Speedball