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German Pen Terms To Help You With Your Vintage Pen Journey

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Here are some writing-related German terms that might help you buy your next German (likely vintage) fountain pen!

Anything in quotes is a direct translation as opposed to the equivalent English term.

  • füllhalter = fountain pen
  • druckbleistifte = “pressure pencil”
  • kugelschreiber = ballpoint pen, “ball writer”
  • tintenschreiber = “ink writer”
  • mechanik-füllhalter = piston filling fountain pen
  • mehrfarbkugelschreiber = “more color pens”
  • mehrsystemschreiber = “multi system writer”
  • fein faserschreiber = “fine fiber pen”
  • textmarkierer = highlighter
  • feder = nib, “feather”
  • tinte = ink
  • tintepatronen = ink cartridges