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Is Ink Toxic? What Is Ink Poisoning? Can You Get It From A Pen?

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A surprisingly popular set of questions in the writing and pen world have to do with ink poisoning. What is it? Can you get it from a normal pen, and so on. While not being poison control experts, we’ve done our research and will answer these questions.

First of all, this article is for informational purposes only and should not be used to treat a real-life exposure to anything you consider could be poisonous. If you are exposed to such a material, you should call your local emergency phone number (likely 911) or call Poison Control (800-222-1222).

What Is Ink Poisoning?

Ink poisoning is what happens when someone ingests the ink that is normally used in a pen. This could happen by putting the writing end of a pen in your mouth by mistake. It could also happen by drinking fountain pen ink, which could mean much higher quantities ingested.

Are Inks Poisonous?

Modern inks are, generally speaking, not poisonous and don’t contain dangerous chemicals, minerals, or compounds.

Pen inks are a mixture of dyes or pigments, solvents, thickeners, and water. Some of these materials, aside from the water, could be irritants but they aren’t considered life-threatening except in large quantities.