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Sailor Shikiori Shigure Fountain Pen Ink

Sailor Shikiori Shigure is a dark purple fountain pen ink in the company’s Four Seasons line.

Shigure is part of the popular¬†Shikiori (“Four Seasons”) ink family, alongside the more famous Yamadori. The colors were designed to reflect the four seasons in Japan with rich, natural tones. The family is similar to Pilot’s Iroshizuku line-up.

The ink used to be sold as Sailor Jentle Shigure. When under that name it was sold in a short, round, 50 ml bottle but as a Shikiori it’s sold in a square 20 ml bottle. The ink’s color and formula have not been changed.

Sailor Shigure Samples

As seen in the included sample, Shigure is a dark purple with no sheen and very limited shading. It’s highly legible and has a smooth flow. The ink is easy to clean, but very “inky” in a a pen, with a stickiness that makes it less than ideal for eyedroppers as it coats the sides and doesn’t let you easily see how much ink is left.

The color is a good deal darker than a standard purple, like those from Lamy or Sheaffer. Even so, Shigure is not known as a “purple black” or black-ish purple ink, just a purple.

The closet ink color in the Sailor line would be Fuji-Musume, a light purple ink.

Sailor Shikiori Shigure Fountain Pen Ink Information

Street Price Check Price
Manufacturer Sailor
Ink Color Purple
Secondary ColorPurple
Bottle Size 20 ml
Waterproof No
Archival No
Quick-drying No
Tamper-proof No
Fluorescent No
Lubricated No
Cartridge No
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