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Lamy Rollerball and Ballpoint Refill Finder

Have a Lamy pen but confused about the refill you need to fit it? It’s very easy to know which refill you need because Lamy makes so few refills!

Lamy Rollerball Refill Finder

Do you have a Lamy rollerball? There are only two options: the Lamy M63 and M66. The M63 is for capped pens while the M66 is for capless pens. That’s all you need to know except for if your pen has a cap or not!

Here is a list of Lamy rollerballs, if you’d rather just identify your rollerball pen and refill that way…

  • 2000: M63
  • Safari: M63
  • Vista: M63
  • Al-Star: M63
  • Lx: M63
  • Studio: M63
  • Imporium: M63
  • Dialog 2: M63
  • Scala: M63
  • Accent: M63
  • Aion: M63
  • Logo: M63
  • Tipo: M66
  • Swift: M66

Curious about the differences between the Lamy M66 and the M63? This video should help!

Lamy Ballpoint Refill Finder

If you have a Lamy ballpoint pen then your job is even easier, because Lamy only makes one full-sized ballpoint refill: the M16. There is also the Lamy M22, but that’s for small pens.

Lamy ballpoint pens that use the M16 include…

  • 2000
  • Safari
  • Vista
  • Lx
  • Imporium
  • Scala
  • Accent
  • Studio
  • Aion
  • Noto
  • CP1
  • Logo / Logo M / Logo M+
  • Econ
  • Unic

The tiny Lamy Pico and Lamy Scribble ballpoint both use the tiny M22 refill.

This guide from Lamy should help as well:

Lamy Refill Guide