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Paper Mate Profile Ballpoint Pen (Double Heart Pen)

The Paper Mate Profile is a ballpoint pen that has been in production since 1964. It’s changed much throughout the decades, as it transitioned from a classic ballpoint — like the Parker Jotter — to an office-focused pen sold in 12-packs.

The pen was originally market as the Paper Mate Profile Trio — three versions of the ballpoint where a buyer could pick the one that best suited their preference. There was a Slim, Regular, and Husky, or a slim, normal, and a wide diameter pen body.

The original Profile usually had a metal upper and plastic lower, but versions were made that were all metal. These are sometimes referred to as the Flighter, which is a reference to the same design in the Parker Jotter.

Paper Mate Profile Refill

A commonly asked question about these pens is what refill do they use. The Profile uses what is called a “G1” refill, it’s an ISO standard pen refill size that was very common prior to the 1990s but has died out since then. These refills are not common today so most people use the Schneider Express 225.

Paper Mate Profile Ballpoint Pen (Double Heart Pen) Information

Street Price Check Price
Manufacturer Paper Mate
Pen Type Ballpoint
Barrel Color Gold, Silver
Barrel Material Metal
Grip Color Black, Blue, Red, Green, Gold, Silver
Grip Material Plastic, Metal
Country of Origin Germany
MSRP $1.95
Still Sold Yes
Release Year1964
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Weight (g)
Ink Color ShippedBlack