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Parker Jotter XL Ballpoint Pen

The Parker Jotter XL is an recently released, larger version of the iconic Parker Jotter ballpoint pen. It released in 2018 to address criticisms of the original jotters size.

The Jotter XL is functionally identical to original Parker Jotter… but it’s larger. Both the length and diameter have been increased. Many people criticized the Jotter for being too small and this was Parker’s answer.

The Jotter XL still features a metal body, but the threads are plastic. Parker offers the XL in four colors: black, blue, grey, and green. The street price ranges from $20 to $28.

Parker Jotter XL Review

I am a fan of the Parker Jotter, period. It’s a great pen with excellent refill varieties available. It’s essential everyday kit for me and has been since I got my first one. It is a perfect pen for jotting quick notes here and there, but it has one major downside: its size can make extended use tiring and uncomfortable.

Have you ever felt like the original Jotter was just a bit too small? Have you thought the Jotter would be more comfortable to use if it had a wider grip? Your desires were answered the day this pen was released in 2018.

Enter the 7% larger Parker Jotter XL! Parker listened and delivered. Sure, it took about 60 years, but they delivered. The Jotter XL has a length of 140 mm and diameter of almost 11 mm at its largest point. While this may not seem like much, once you get it in your hand its very noticeable. The increased size makes it much more comfortable to use for note taking but isn’t so large to be cumbersome.

The XL is simple, elegant and a joy to write with like its smaller predecessor. It retains Parker’s theme of a single-colored grip and chrome top. This new Jotter also retains the best feature of the original: the satisfying click. The Jotter has one of my favorite pen clicks and the XL replicates it perfectly. It’s strong, tactile, and an auditory pleasure. Far too often do I find myself incessantly clicking the XL at my desk as I ponder through a problem.

Speaking of desks, this is where the XL should live. It’s not a pocket pen. The XL is a high-quality pen for leaving at your work or home office desk. It’s a pen for note-taking and extended writing. Mine lives at work and I often grab it when working through stacks of paperwork. It’s also a beautiful pen to display on your desk.

Writing Experience

After only a few minutes of using the pen, I noticed the benefits of its size. I wrote about 2 pages worth of mixed notes, scribbles and gibberish to test the pen. My hand was much less fatigued, and the experience was enjoyable. I would have no reservations about using this pen for class or meeting notes.

Like its predecessor, the XL uses the same ISO standard Parker-style G2 refill. This is the main reason I like Jotters so much, including the XL. The variety of different refills available is a major plus in my book. I have a Swiss-made Premec Gel refill in mine since it’s a desk pen for paperwork. Choose your refill of choice and you won’t be disappointed.

The pen is a little heavier than an original Jotter but it’s hardly noticeable. It’s well balanced and weighted adding to its extended use capabilities. The barrel also has a lightly textured matte finish which can improve grip but not as much as rubber would.


The Jotter XL only has one mark against it: the clip is not a solid part of the collar that sits around the button. It is a separate piece a steel. It is also longer and has more lateral flex. If you’re like me and tend to use the clip for leverage when disassembling the pen, this may lead to bending the clip. Its best to get a solid grip without using the clip when taking the pen apart.


The Jotter XL is an excellent pen and I highly recommend it. If you are a Jotter fan like me then getting this pen is a must. If you’re not, you should still give this pen a shot, providing the original Jotter isn’t big enough for you.

Parker Jotter XL Ballpoint Pen Information

Street Price Check Price
Manufacturer Parker
Pen Type Ballpoint
Barrel Color Silver
Barrel Material Stainless Steel
Body Diameter (mm)10.5
Grip Color Black, Blue, Green, Grey
Grip Material Metal
Grip Diameter (mm)9.3
Country of Origin France
MSRP $28
Still Sold Yes
Similar To
Capped? Retractable?Retractable - Top Button
Length Capped / Retracted (cm)13.8
Weight (g)20
Writing Sizes1.0 mm