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Parker 51 Fountain Pen

The Parker 51 is one of the most iconic and collectible pens of all time. Despite its age the pen is still a classic.

The Parker 51 was a fountain pen produced by the Parker Pen Company, of Janesville, Wisconsin, from 1941 through 1972. The Parker 51 was sold with aerometric and vacumatic filling systems and also had a hooded nib, which kept most of the nib hidden under the pen’s plastic body.

The Parker 51 is a very popular pen with fountain pen collectors and is one of the most famous fountain pens of all time.

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The Best Parker-style Gel Refills For Your Pen

A popular change to make to a pen is to swap out the included ballpoint refill for a smooth-flowing gel one. Gel refills are quite popular these days because they write well, the ink looks great, and they are fun to use. Ballpoints have these uses of course, but if you are predominantly writing paper and don’t need the versatility of a ballpoint, gel can be the way to go.

So what are the best gel refills in the Parker-style G2 shape?

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Parker 75 Fountain Pen

The Parker 75 is an popular Parker design that was sold as a ballpoint pen, rollerball, mechanical pencil, and — most notably — a fountain pen. The Parker 75 was first released in 1964. The pen remains very popular with collectors and is highly sought after in all its designs.

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Parker 51 vs. Parker 21: What’s The Difference?

The Parker 51 is one of the most famous pens of all time. Even today, over 50 years after this fountain pen first went on sale, the pen is sought after by collectors and mint models can go for hundreds of dollars. The Parker 21 looks almost exactly like the Parker 51, but sells for a fraction of the amount.

What’s the difference between these two vintage fountain pens?

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