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Parker 75 Fountain Pen

The Parker 75 is an popular Parker design that was sold as a ballpoint pen, rollerball, mechanical pencil, and — most notably — a fountain pen. The Parker 75 was first released in 1964. The pen remains very popular with collectors and is highly sought after in all its designs.

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Parker 51 vs. Parker 21: What’s The Difference?

The Parker 51 is one of the most famous pens of all time. Even today, over 50 years after this fountain pen first went on sale, the pen is sought after by collectors and mint models can go for hundreds of dollars. The Parker 21 looks almost exactly like the Parker 51, but sells for a fraction of the amount.

What’s the difference between these two vintage fountain pens?

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Parker Urban Ballpoint

The Parker Urban Ballpoint is an executive-style ballpoint in Parker’s Urban collection. The Urban line is a lower mid-level offering aimed at young professionals. The Urban collection also features ballpoints, fountain pens, and rollerballs in several finishes.

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Parker Jotter XL Ballpoint Pen

The Parker Jotter XL is an recently released, larger version of the iconic Parker Jotter ballpoint pen. It released in 2018 to address criticisms of the original jotters size.

The Jotter XL is functionally identical to original Parker Jotter… but it’s larger. Both the length and diameter have been increased. Many people criticized the Jotter for being too small and this was Parker’s answer.

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Parker 51 Fountain Pen

The Parker 51 is one of the most iconic and collectible pens of all time. Despite its age the pen is still a classic.

The Parker 51 was a fountain pen produced by the Parker Pen Company, of Janesville, Wisconsin, from 1941 through 1972. The Parker 51 was sold with aerometric and vacumatic filling systems and also had a hooded nib, which kept most of the nib hidden under the pen’s plastic body.

The Parker 51 is a very popular pen with fountain pen collectors and is one of the most famous fountain pens of all time.

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Parker Jotter Premier Edition (Sterling Silver, 2004)

Parker Jotter Premier Edition 2004 Silver/Saffron

The Parker Jotter Premier Edition is the “Jubilee” limited edition model of the Jotter. It was released in 2004 for the 50th anniversary of the pen (1954-2004). This version of the pen has a sterling silver body and inlayed plastic body, body of which are extremely rare features in the Jotter’s long history. The design is based on the Jotter Filigree, which was released in 1959 in celebration of the World’s Fair in New York City.

The Premier Edition in silver was sold in two colors: Saffron (yellow) and Licorice Black (black). The pen is often confused with the 2004 Jotter Special Edition which is not made of silver but was also released in celebration of the 50th anniversary. That pen was sold in two patterns: “Dots” and “Maze” and has a fully plastic grip area.

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