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The Best Parker-Style G2 Refill of 2021

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The “Parker-style” or G2 refill is one of the the most common pen refills sold today. This long-standing design is not only an internationally accepted ISO standard, but is a size and shape that is conducive to making great pens.

So with thousands of different refills to choose from, which Parker-style G2 refills should you be buying?

What Is A Parker-Style G2 Refill?

Simply put, this is the type of refill that goes into a Rotring 600 ballpoint, Parker Jotter, Kaweco Sport Gel Roller, Rotring Tikky, and many other popular pens.

This type of refill is commonly associated with Parker pens so it’s known informally as “Parker-style” refill, but the design is actually based on an international standard set by the International Organization for Standardization. ISO calls this size “G2” hence this officially a G2 refill.

For a full explanation of the naming and pen refill types, as well as a deeper dive into the confusion around G2 refills you can read our Pen Refill Guide.

The Top Parker-style Refills

While the full list of refills is below (above 4 star rating), here we’ll callout some of the most noteworthy Parker-style refills. Consider this the shortlist of refills you can buy to upgrade your pen.

SXR-600 Open

Uni SXR-600 Jetstream Refill

Uni-ball’s Jetstream line of pens is almost universally praised, but it classically has only use a proprietary refill design. Then, a few years ago, Uni-ball Japan released the SXR-700, a Parker-style refill with Jetstream’s wonderful ink. This modern-day ballpoint ink is sold on 0.38 mm, 0.5 mm, and 0.7 mm sizes, but is only available in black at the moment.

This refill has a dark color, great consistency, and a super smooth flow. While not as versatile as an old-fashioned ballpoint refill it still manages to be usable on most surfaces and to last longer than a gel refill.

In addition to the lack of a blue or red color, this refill has another downside: it’s rather expensive, with a current price of about $5 per refill.

Fisher Space Pen PR Series

If you want a traditional ballpoint because you want a refill that last forever and writes on anything, the Fisher PR series is almost impossible to beat. These are the pressurized refills sold in the Fisher Space Pens that can write in freezing cold, underwater, inverted, or at over 200 degrees F.

The PR series is surprisingly smooth and the ink has only improved over the years. It’s sold in a fine, medium, and broad and all the colors you’d expect. These refills aren’t cheap, at about $7 each, but they last almost forever (seriously, we have ones from the 1970s that still work).

One note with the PR is that it’s actually a propriety shape, but Fisher included a converter that makes it a Parker-style refill.

Schmidt EasyFlow 9000

While some people just can’t get behind the “EF9K” this refill there will always be a place in our hearts for it. The EasyFlow 9000 is a hybrid refill with deep colors, nice smoothness, and just enough feedback to make you feel in touch with the paper.

A number of people online have complained about quality control issues over the years but, on the whole, the EasyFlow is a great way to elevate any Parker-style pen to rollerball-like smoothness, deep black writing or a really cool shade of blue. Plus this refill is simply fun to use, with a unique look and feel.

The EasyFlow 9000 is sold in fine and medium, and it used to be available in broad as well. The refills sell for about $2 each.

Schneider Gelion+ and Gelion 39

The best gel refill for Parker-style pens if the Gelion 39, and its replacement, the Gelion+. These refills are not long-lasting and they won’t writing on glossy paper like a ballpoint, but they are super smooth, the ink looks great, and they are really enjoyable to write with. They are also quick-drying, making them a great option for lefties.

These also sell for about $2 each and are sold in fine and medium. Make sure to be careful what size you buy, because Schneider tends to use the writing with, not the ball width — so a 0.7 mm will sometimes be describes as 0.4 mm, which is the width of the line you’ll get when writing!

Best Parker-Style Refills

TitlePen RefillRatingRefill_type
Parker Quink Gel RefillRollerball / Gel4Parker-Style G2
Pierre Cardin Roller Gel Pen RefillRollerball / Gel4Parker-Style G2
Itoya Quick-Dry Gel Pen RefillRollerball / Gel3.5Parker-Style G2
Tombow BK-LP03 Rollerball RefillRollerball / Gel4Proprietary
Pilot Petit Fountain Pen CartridgeFountain Pen3.5Proprietary
Pilot CON-70N Fountain Pen ConverterFountain Pen4Proprietary
Waterman Rollerball RefillRollerball / Gel4European Rollerball
Schneider Express 75 Ballpoint Pen RefillBallpoint3.5A2
Schneider Express 225 Ballpoint RefillBallpoint3.5G1
Sailor Fountain Pen ConverterFountain Pen4Proprietary
Uni UMR-05S Pigmented Ink RefillRollerball / Gel4
Uni UMR-38S Pigmented Ink RefillRollerball / Gel4
Zebra SNC-0.7 Multi-pen RefillBallpoint4Proprietary
Zebra SNC-0.5 Multi-pen RefillHybrid4Proprietary
Caran d'Ache Goliath Ballpoint Pen RefillBallpoint4Parker-Style G2
Aurora Trik-Trak Fountain Pen ConverterFountain Pen3.5Proprietary
Schneider Gelion 39Rollerball / Gel4.5Parker-Style G2
Zebra Fountain Pen CartridgesFountain Pen3Proprietary
Tombow Mono Zero Eraser RefillPencil4.5Proprietary
Sheaffer's Classic Ink CartridgeFountain Pen3.5Proprietary
Pilot CON-B Fountain Pen ConverterFountain Pen3Proprietary
Zebra NC-0.7Hybrid4.5Proprietary
Zebra NC-0.5Hybrid4.5Proprietary
Parker Golden Touch Ballpoint RefillBallpoint4Parker-Style G2
Pilot BLGS Rollerball RefillRollerball / Gel4Proprietary
Lamy T11 Rollerball RefillRollerball / Gel2.5Proprietary
Schmidt 888 Safety Ceramic Rollerball RefillRollerball / Gel4European Rollerball
Schmidt DSM 2007 Mechanical Pencil ConverterBallpoint3.5Parker-Style G2
Schmidt DSM 2006 Mechanical Pencil ConverterBallpoint3.5Parker-Style G2
Schmidt 6040 FinelinerRollerball / Gel3European Rollerball
Pilot HERFS-10 Pencil ErasersPencil4
Pilot BRF-25B-B Ballpoint Pen RefillBallpoint4Proprietary
Pilot BRF-25BB-B Ballpoint Pen RefillBallpoint3.5Proprietary
Pilot BRFN-30EF Ballpoint Pen RefillBallpoint4Proprietary
Pilot BRFN-10M Ballpoint Pen RefillBallpoint3.5Proprietary
Schmidt P8120 Capless Rollerball Pen RefillRollerball / Gel4.5European Capless - Short
Schmidt P8127 Capless Rollerball Pen RefillRollerball / Gel5European Capless - Short
Lamy M21 Ballpoint RefillBallpoint3D1
Faber-Castell Fountain Pen ConverterFountain Pen3.5Standard International Long
Lamy Z27 Fountain Pen ConverterFountain Pen4
Lamy Z26 Fountain Pen ConverterFountain Pen4
Platinum Fountain Pen ConverterFountain Pen4
Lamy Z24 Fountain Pen ConverterFountain Pen4Proprietary
Lamy Z28 Fountain Pen ConverterFountain Pen4.5Proprietary
Schmidt EasyFlow 6000 Hybrid RefillHybrid4.5D1
Pelikan 338 Rollerball RefillRollerball / Gel5European Rollerball
Pilot CON-70 Fountain Pen ConverterFountain Pen3.5Proprietary
Pilot CON-50 Fountain Pen ConverterFountain Pen3.5Proprietary
Pilot CON-20 Fountain Pen ConverterFountain Pen3Proprietary
Pilot CON-40 Fountain Pen ConverterFountain Pen4Proprietary
Lamy T10 Giant CartridgeFountain Pen5Proprietary
Premec Jumbo BallpointBallpoint3.5Parker-Style G2
Premec Jumbo GelRollerball / Gel4Parker-Style G2
Zebra JLV-0.7 Sarasa Dry Gel Pen RefillRollerball / Gel4.5Pilot G2
Zebra JLV-0.5 Sarasa Dry Gel Pen RefillRollerball / Gel4.5Pilot G2
Zebra JLV-0.4 Sarasa Dry Gel Pen RefillRollerball / Gel4.5Pilot G2
Zebra JK Gel Pen RefillRollerball / Gel4Proprietary
Zebra JF-0.7 Sarasa Gel Pen RefillBallpoint4Pilot G2
Zebra F-Refill Ballpoint Pen RefillBallpoint3Proprietary
Zebra EQ Surari Emulsion Ink Pen RefillHybrid4.5
Zebra EK-0.7 Surari Emulsion Ink Multi-pen RefillBallpoint4D1
Uni-ball UMR-87E Gel RefillRollerball / Gel5Pilot G2
Uni-ball UMR-87 Gel Pen RefillRollerball / Gel5Pilot G2
Uni-ball UMR-85E Gel Pen RefillRollerball / Gel5Pilot G2
Uni-ball UMR-83E Gel Ink RefillRollerball / Gel4Pilot G2
Uni-ball Signo UMR-1 Gel Pen RefillRollerball / Gel4Proprietary
Uni-ball Signo 207 Retractable Gel Pen RefillBallpoint5
Uni SXR-80-38 Jetstream Multi-pen RefillBallpoint4D1
Uni SXR-80-10 Jetstream Multi-pen RefillBallpoint4.5D1
Uni SXR-80-07 Jetstream Multi-pen RefillHybrid4.5D1
Uni SXR-80-05 Jetstream Multi-pen RefillHybrid4.5D1
Uni SXR-7 Jetstream Ballpoint Pen RefillBallpoint4Rollerball
Uni SXR-600 Jetstream Ballpoint Pen RefillBallpoint4.5Parker-Style G2
Uni SXR-5 Jetstream Ballpoint Pen RefillBallpoint3.5Rollerball
Uni SXR-38 Jetstream Ballpoint Pen RefillBallpoint4Rollerball
Uni SXR-200-07 Jetstream Ballpoint Multi Pen RefillBallpoint4.5D1
Uni SXR-200-05 Jetstream Ballpoint Multi Pen RefillBallpoint4.5D1
Uni SXR-10 Jetstream Ballpoint Pen RefillBallpoint5Rollerball
Uni S-7S Ballpoint Multi-pen RefillBallpoint4Proprietary
Tombow BK-LP07 Rollerball Pen RefillRollerball / Gel4Proprietary
Tombow BK-LP05 Rollerball Pen RefillRollerball / Gel4Proprietary
Schmidt P8126 Capless Rollerball Pen RefillRollerball / Gel5European Capless - Short
Schmidt EasyFlow 9000 Hybrid RefillHybrid5Parker-Style G2
Rotring Giant Ballpoint Pen RefillBallpoint3.5Parker-Style G2
Pilot LP3RF Juice Up Gel Pen RefillRollerball / Gel4Pilot G2
Pilot LHSRF-8C Gel Pen RefillRollerball / Gel3.5Proprietary
Pilot Hi-Tec-C Gel Pen RefillBallpoint4Proprietary
Pilot Hi-Tec-C Coleto Gel Multi Pen RefillBallpoint3.5
Pilot G2 Gel Pen RefillBallpoint4.5Pilot G2
Pilot BVRF-8F Acro Multi-pen RefillHybrid4.5
Pilot BVRF-8EF Acro Multi-pen RefillBallpoint4.5
Pilot BTRF-6F Ballpoint RefillBallpoint4
Pilot BRFV-10M Acro Ink Ballpoint Pen RefillHybrid4
Pilot BRFN-30M Ballpoint Pen RefillBallpoint4.5Proprietary
Pilot BRFN-30F Ballpoint Pen RefillBallpoint4.5Proprietary
Pilot BRFN-10F Ballpoint Pen RefillBallpoint4Proprietary
Pentel Vicuna Ballpoint Pen RefillBallpoint4
Pentel EnerGel LRP7 Permanent Gel Pen RefillRollerball / Gel3.5Pilot G2
Pentel EnerGel LRP5 Permanent Gel Pen RefillRollerball / Gel3.5Pilot G2
Pentel EnerGel LRN7 Needle-tip Liquid Gel Pen RefillRollerball / Gel4Pilot G2
Pentel EnerGel LRN5H Liquid Gel Ink Needle-tip Multi-pen RefillRollerball / Gel3.5Proprietary
Pentel EnerGel LRN5 Needle-Point Gel Pen RefillBallpoint4Pilot G2
Pentel EnerGel LRN3 Needle-tip Liquid Gel Pen RefillRollerball / Gel3.5Pilot G2
Pentel EnerGel LR7 Liquid Gel Pen RefillRollerball / Gel4g2
Pentel EnerGel LR10 Liquid Gel Pen RefillRollerball / Gel4.5Pilot G2
Pentel EnerGel Infree LRN5TL Liquid Gel Pen RefillBallpoint4Parker-Style G2
Pentel EnerGel Infree LR7TL Liquid Gel Pen RefillRollerball / Gel3.5Pilot G2
Pelikan 337 Giant Ballpoint RefillBallpoint4.5Parker-Style G2
Parker Quinkflow Ballpoint Pen RefillBallpoint4Parker-Style G2
Ohto Flash Dry Gel Pen RefillRollerball / Gel4.5Parker-Style G2
Ohto C-305P Ceramic Rollerball Pen RefillRollerball / Gel4.5European Rollerball
Ohto 897NP Needle-Point Ballpoint RefillBallpoint2.5
Ohto 895NP Needle-Point Ballpoint Pen RefillBallpoint3
Ohto 893NP Needle-Point Ballpoint RefillBallpoint3
LAMY M22 Ballpoint RefillBallpoint4Proprietary
Kaweco Sport Gel Roller Pen RefillBallpoint4.5Parker-Style G2
Kaweco Soul D1 Ballpoint Pen RefillBallpoint3D1
Fisher Space Pen PR Series Pressurized Ballpoint RefillBallpoint4.5Parker-Style G2
Zebra 4C RefillBallpoint3.5D1
Ballograf Epoca RefillBallpoint3.5
Lamy M16 Ballpoint RefillBallpoint3.5Proprietary
Lamy M66 Rollerball RefillBallpoint4Proprietary
Fountain Pen InkFountain Pen5
Lamy M63 Rollerball RefillRollerball / Gel4Proprietary


Are all Parker-style refills ballpoints?

No, not all Parker-style refills use ballpoint ink. Most Parker-style refills use ballpoint ink, but some use hybrid ink, which is to say a modern, lubricated ballpoint ink. An example of this is the Schmidt EasyFlow 9000. Still other Parker-style refills use gel ink, like the Ohto Flash Dry gel refill.

Is there a Parker-style rollerball refill?

No. While Parker-style G2 refills are sold with ballpoint, hybrid, and gel ink, no mainstream model is a rollerball. This would be a water-based ink with a wick system to feed the rolling ball at the end. The closest you can get to a rollerball in a Parker-style refill is a gel ink model, like the Parker Quink Gel.