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Rotring 600 Ballpoint

Rotring 600 vs Rapid Pro

First released in 1989, the Rotring 600 is an iconic family of writing instruments. The most popular of the set was the ballpoint pen, which was available in a number of variations. The pen was re-released in 2018 as the Rotring 600 ballpoint (a top-button click retractable) and the Rotring 800 ballpoint (twist retractable), though they were both known as the “Rotring 600” when originally sold.

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Parker Jotter XL Ballpoint Pen

The Parker Jotter XL is an recently released, larger version of the iconic Parker Jotter ballpoint pen. It released in 2018 to address criticisms of the original jotters size.

The Jotter XL is functionally identical to original Parker Jotter… but it’s larger. Both the length and diameter have been increased. Many people criticized the Jotter for being too small and this was Parker’s answer.

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