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The Best Parker-style Gel Refills For Your Pen

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A popular change to make to a pen is to swap out the included ballpoint refill for a smooth-flowing gel one. Gel refills are quite popular these days because they write well, the ink looks great, and they are fun to use. Ballpoints have these uses of course, but if you are predominantly writing paper and don’t need the versatility of a ballpoint, gel can be the way to go.

So what are the best gel refills in the Parker-style G2 shape?

Schneider Gelion 39

The current Unsharpen favorite in the Parker-style gel refill category is the Schneider Gelion 39. This refill brings everything to the table that you want to see in a gel ink: quick drying, bright colors, no smearing, and it’s fun to use. The refills don’t last very long but they write very well, are super smooth, and the ink looks great.

The Gelion 39 is one of the best ways to bring new life to an old ballpoint pen that you’ve perhaps gotten a little bored with.

Ohto Rays Pen

Ohto Flash Dry Gel

The Ohto Flash Dry Gel is the same ink that ships with Ohto’s popular Rays pen. The Flash Dry is, as the name suggests, a quick drying, low-smear gel ink that will be a significant upgrade to anyone who is tried of a traditional ballpoint ink. It’s one of the highest performing refills in this category as well as one of the best Parker-style refills sold in 2021.

This is also one of the few needle-tip pens in this category. This is a love-it-or-hate-it quality, so this refill will have major appeal for some people but be an no-go for many others.

Parker Quink Gel

The Parker Quink Gel is one of the most popular gel refills in this size. It ships with some versions of the Parker Jotter (sold as the Jotter Gel Point). This refill uses a loose, watery ink that doesn’t write like a Jotter at all.

Monteverde Gel

The Monteverde Gel is essentially a budget version of the Parker Quink Gel, with a very similar watery, rollerball-like ink. The refill is sold in large packs of 6 or more refills and easily findable on Amazon as well as through pen stores. It features nice colors, an interesting blue in particularly, but doesn’t do much to distinguish itself from the Parker aside from being a good deal more affordable.

Aside from the low price this refill is notable largely for being one of the few in the category that have a broad size. This refill is very wet and lays down a considerable flow of ink, more than almost any other Parker-style refill.

Premec Jumbo Gel

Swiss ink maker Premec isn’t a name that comes up very often, but it makes a Parker-style gel refill that is worth trying out. It’s another plastic body gel refill that has a bright blue and a smooth ink. Premec’s Jumbo Gel is sometimes white labeled for other brands — for example Xiaomi uses Premec ink in their Mijia pen.

This refill is hard to find in the US, but you can usually get it on Ebay and sometimes on Amazon.


Pierre Cardin Roller Gel

The Pierre Cardin Roller Gel is a gel refill that has a vibrant blue, just like the Gelion 39, as well as a deep black. It’s a smooth writer, but not as quick to dry as some other gel ink blends. This refill isn’t common in the US, but it’s more widely available in Europe and, even more so, in India. It’s a fun refill to use with a clear, plastic body that looks great in any demonstrator-style pen, like the Kaweco Sport Roller.

Parker-Style Gel Refills

TitlePen RefillRatingRefill_type
Parker Quink Gel RefillRollerball / Gel4Parker-Style G2
Pierre Cardin Roller Gel Pen RefillRollerball / Gel4Parker-Style G2
Itoya Quick-Dry Gel Pen RefillRollerball / Gel3.5Parker-Style G2
Tombow BK-LP03 Rollerball RefillRollerball / Gel4Proprietary
Waterman Rollerball RefillRollerball / Gel4European Rollerball
Uni UMR-05S Pigmented Ink RefillRollerball / Gel4
Uni UMR-38S Pigmented Ink RefillRollerball / Gel4
Schneider Gelion 39Rollerball / Gel4.5Parker-Style G2
Pilot BLGS Rollerball RefillRollerball / Gel4Proprietary
Lamy T11 Rollerball RefillRollerball / Gel2.5Proprietary
Schmidt 888 Safety Ceramic Rollerball RefillRollerball / Gel4European Rollerball
Schmidt 6040 FinelinerRollerball / Gel3European Rollerball
Schmidt P8120 Capless Rollerball Pen RefillRollerball / Gel4.5European Capless - Short
Schmidt P8127 Capless Rollerball Pen RefillRollerball / Gel5European Capless - Short
Pelikan 338 Rollerball RefillRollerball / Gel5European Rollerball
Premec Jumbo GelRollerball / Gel4Parker-Style G2
Zebra JLV-0.7 Sarasa Dry Gel Pen RefillRollerball / Gel4.5Pilot G2
Zebra JLV-0.5 Sarasa Dry Gel Pen RefillRollerball / Gel4.5Pilot G2
Zebra JLV-0.4 Sarasa Dry Gel Pen RefillRollerball / Gel4.5Pilot G2
Zebra JK Gel Pen RefillRollerball / Gel4Proprietary
Uni-ball UMR-87E Gel RefillRollerball / Gel5Pilot G2
Uni-ball UMR-87 Gel Pen RefillRollerball / Gel5Pilot G2
Uni-ball UMR-85E Gel Pen RefillRollerball / Gel5Pilot G2
Uni-ball UMR-83E Gel Ink RefillRollerball / Gel4Pilot G2
Uni-ball Signo UMR-1 Gel Pen RefillRollerball / Gel4Proprietary
Tombow BK-LP07 Rollerball Pen RefillRollerball / Gel4Proprietary
Tombow BK-LP05 Rollerball Pen RefillRollerball / Gel4Proprietary
Schmidt P8126 Capless Rollerball Pen RefillRollerball / Gel5European Capless - Short
Pilot LP3RF Juice Up Gel Pen RefillRollerball / Gel4Pilot G2
Pilot LHSRF-8C Gel Pen RefillRollerball / Gel3.5Proprietary
Pentel EnerGel LRP7 Permanent Gel Pen RefillRollerball / Gel3.5Pilot G2
Pentel EnerGel LRP5 Permanent Gel Pen RefillRollerball / Gel3.5Pilot G2
Pentel EnerGel LRN7 Needle-tip Liquid Gel Pen RefillRollerball / Gel4Pilot G2
Pentel EnerGel LRN5H Liquid Gel Ink Needle-tip Multi-pen RefillRollerball / Gel3.5Proprietary
Pentel EnerGel LRN3 Needle-tip Liquid Gel Pen RefillRollerball / Gel3.5Pilot G2
Pentel EnerGel LR7 Liquid Gel Pen RefillRollerball / Gel4g2
Pentel EnerGel LR10 Liquid Gel Pen RefillRollerball / Gel4.5Pilot G2
Pentel EnerGel Infree LR7TL Liquid Gel Pen RefillRollerball / Gel3.5Pilot G2
Ohto Flash Dry Gel Pen RefillRollerball / Gel4.5Parker-Style G2
Ohto C-305P Ceramic Rollerball Pen RefillRollerball / Gel4.5European Rollerball
Lamy M63 Rollerball RefillRollerball / Gel4Proprietary