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Xiaomi Mijia Mi Rollerball

Xiaomi Mi

The Xiaomi Mijia Mi is a twist-style rollerball pen from electronics giant Xiaomi’s lifestyle-focused sub-brand Mijia. The pen is sold in Asian markets, but available in the US through major online channels, like Ebay, Amazon, and Rakuten.

The Mi pen uses a refill from the Swiss company Premec that is a bit smaller than a standard Parker G2 style refill. The refill — which works quite well by the way — is similar to that sold by Cross in their Click pen.

The Mi is known for its very nice styling, surprisingly pleasant weight (due to a brass liner inside), and cheap price. The retail price is just $3 in China, but still will be under $10 (usually sold with 3 refills) in the USA with shipping included.

The Mi is primarily sold in white, but it’s also available in silver and gold.

Why Did Xiaomi Make Pen?

You could ask the same question about the Dyson Biro! Why would a company focused on highly profitable, highly technical products produce a pen? It is said that the pen was used as a handout at a press event. So if you want to “wow” people with your schwag, it might as well be something that shows off your wonderful design work, right? And if you are going to make a few hundred, you might as well make a few thousand… especially when the are this good!

Xiaomi Mijia Mi Rollerball Information

Street Price Check Price
Manufacturer Xiaomi
Pen Type Rollerball
Barrel Color
Barrel Material
Grip Color
Grip Material
Country of Origin China
Still Sold Yes
Release Year2016
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