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Parker Jotter Premier Edition (Sterling Silver, 2004)

Parker Jotter Premier Edition 2004 Silver/Saffron

The Parker Jotter Premier Edition is the “Jubilee” limited edition model of the Jotter. It was released in 2004 for the 50th anniversary of the pen (1954-2004). This version of the pen has a sterling silver body and inlayed plastic body, body of which are extremely rare features in the Jotter’s long history. The design is based on the Jotter Filigree, which was released in 1959 in celebration of the World’s Fair in New York City.

The Premier Edition in silver was sold in two colors: Saffron (yellow) and Licorice Black (black). The pen is often confused with the 2004 Jotter Special Edition which is not made of silver but was also released in celebration of the 50th anniversary. That pen was sold in two patterns: “Dots” and “Maze” and has a fully plastic grip area.

Parker Jotter Premier Edition 2004 Silver/Saffron

The silver Jotter was made in England in a very limited run. The pen originally included a metal gift case and a booklet about the pen and its significance to Parker.

The Premier Edition Jotter has a few more subtle features that will only be noticed by true fans of the pen and its history. These include:

  • No feathers on the clip’s arrow
  • Oversized writing on the body near the seam, saying “UK Parker” and then a number of symbols verifying the silver material
  • The number “50” is engraved on the top of the button

Parker Jotter Premier Edition (Sterling Silver, 2004) Information

Street Price Check Price
Manufacturer Parker
Pen Type Ballpoint
Barrel Color Silver
Barrel Material Sterling Silver
Grip Color Silver and Black, Silver and Yellow
Grip Material Silver and Plastic
Country of Origin England
MSRP $299
Still Sold No
Release Year2004
Similar To
Capped? Retractable?Retractable
Weight (g)
Ink Color ShippedBlack