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Uni R:E+ 3-in-1 Pen Set

The Uni R:E+ (known as the “R E Plus”) isn’t one pen, it’s actually three pens and a holder. It’s a cool concept that is fitting for Uniball’s highly designed RE family of erasable pens. The set of pens was first released in June 2019.

The pen set comes with a plastic case and has one black erasable pen (the color is closer to grey), one red erasable pen (closer to light red), and one black Jetstream pen that is not erasable. The R:E+ case includes a metal click with an adhesive backing.

Note: This pen is only currently available outside of Japan by buying through Amazon Japan.

Despite their size and small size, the pens are actually refillable with normal Uni SXR refills. The erasable refills use thermo-sensitive ink that can be erased simply with friction from the back of the pen, which is not actually an eraser but rather just plastic.

The R:E+ case is a lightweight plastic shell with no features aside from a button on it. When this button is pressed the payload of three pens pops out of the case. They only extend about an inch, at which point they are still firm in the case but can be pulled out with a slight tug. This mechanism works quite well as it prevents the pens from being accidentally released from the case if they happen to be in a bag or clipped to a binder, notebook, etc.

Uni R:E+ Review

Uni’s R:E pen series is one of the more interesting family of pens sold today. In addition to being notable for being erasable, the series is sort of experimentation ground for the company where interesting designs are tried out. This means some success as well as some failures. The R:E+ is a definite win: it looks cool, it’s affordable, and the case is fun to use. The entire pen system isn’t super functional and the pens are a bit small, but they are large enough to be useable and they use standard refills, which is a great feature.

On the downside, the Uni erasable ink is simply not as good as Pilot’s Frixion ink so writing with the R:E pens is not as good as it could be. The greyish colors of the R:E series is a constant disappointment, especially when compared to the included Jetstream pen that makes up one-third of the pens in this set.

The R:E+ is a Japanese pens so the instructions that come with the pen are undeniably cool. On the downside, it’s are to fully parse the information on the card without a working understanding of Japanese.

So in this video, I wanted to check out a very cool and very new pen set from Uni Ball Japan or Mitsubishi Pencil. Whatever you wanna call it on, this is it right here. It's called the R E Plus. It was just released. Maybe about a month ago. I ordered it from Japan. Costs about eight or $9 shipped, so relatively affordable but not super cheap either. And this is it. It's just little plastic carrying case with three pens in it. You press the button and depends. Pop out, and you could grab one. Like I said, there are three of them. So it's pretty cool Comes with this little placard, as most pens do. You could see the name is the R E plus. So our Colin E Plus the basic makes it basically impossible to find online was that's like, incredibly ineffective from a clarity and Seo standpoint. But it is what it is. What it comes with is to Ari, so it means erase a bullpen's one is that sort of blackish color. It's really just a gray, and then one is that reddish color and then one jet stream, so the gesture would not be erased, but just a normal ingestion pen. And then there's some instructions here. Probably won't be super helpful unless you have some understanding of Japanese. But we do see a few interesting points. The first, his explanation of how it works. Push the button pops out. There's nobody. Racer uses a friction like heat to erase the ink. That's how the Ari pens work. Pop it back in and there's an optional metal clip. I think this means the pens are refillable, but I haven't tried to open a bit, so we'll try it in a second. And then 800 usually means the price. This would be 100 yet, so you know, like $9.89 dollars. Here is the case. It's not very big. I think that's an interesting thing. To keep in mind is a very cool presentation on, and here is it next to kind of a normal jet stream. So even with the whole case, it's not that big. When you pop a 10 out, you'd see it's actually rather small pen. I looked to me a lot like a stylist. There's no clip on this. There's nothing to stop it from rolling, but, uh, it is a pen. I guess it definitely has a designs to fit in this case, which is interesting. So just to rewind the pen cases come in a few different colors. This is the gun. Metal comes in like a black and white and blue and maybe a pink, a few of the standard colors. There's very few features on. Here's the little cut out, and this is where you would attach the clip and has this sticker and had not a test yet. This is a metal clip, so that's cool. You just pull it. He saw the sticker and put it right here. Guess right here and give it a firm press. And in this thing would work. You could put it onto a binder or your laptop bag. Something like that. I don't really think it needs a clip. Plus the clip can, you know, scratch up things in your bag. So I'm gonna hold off on that for now. Made in Japan. Nothing else on here, except for a logo on the button, it so it is all plastic. So when you push the button, here's the full damage demonstration push the button, the pens pop out, and that's just doesn't really serve any function. Except the collapse is a little bit. And to make them able to grab from here, you can't really grab it. It's a little strange. Didn't go all the way in, like, Why not make this flush? But I guess it just wasn't worth the extra effort. It is cool, kind of like a drafting pen or drafting pencil. You could see you can get an idea of what you're reaching for, so they're all 0.5 millimeter. I don't know what this set is sold in other sizes, yet you could see the two of them are black. That just means they both have black ink. But the actual body of the two is different. Full black. One is the jet stream, and if you look here, you could see it, says Jet Stream. That means it's real jet streaming just like any. You nibble a jet stream and it's not Erase a ball. Regret this one. You see, it's the white body, and here it says Ah univ all our e. So it's the erase, evil Siri's and then with this one, it's simply the arias well, but and you can't tell what it is from here. But if you look up here, you could see it is the red. So that is the full set right there. Pretty cool. Now, as for writing with them, like I said, they're very small. It looks like a stylus, but it's not too uncomfortable. It's at like about a reasonable length, but it looks smaller than it actually is like. Is that small honesty bother? Somebody's definitely small, so it kind of more of a note taking 10 for quick ing quickly giant things out. Not something you want to write with for a long time was like Here's a comfortable, full sized gesturing wider diameter longer pen. Force it either retractable, But this one is not retractable. Clearly, design is nice, so you see a little bit of grip here. This is, like slightly stylized pretty cool, and then ask for this as it indicated. You can open this up. You just twist that there front piece comes off and now we have what appears to be a full sized jetstream are full sized, uh, R e erase will refill. So that's nice if you do wanna replace this? This is looking like a pretty standard refill, even though it's a small pen, you got a standard refill, I guess, is my point. As for writing, I've talked a lot about the You nibble Ari. Siri's there. It's this Thermo Inc thermodynamic ing. So Catherine Ann, it's Thermo Erase Herbal Inc. So what happens is basically, you write with it, and the colors are always a little bit life. You could see the red is sort of a grayish red of black is sort of a grayish black. And let's compare it to the jet stream, which is a true black. So there you go. You could see the colors. The red does not have much saturation to it, but it's okay. The black is really short on saturation is really just a great And then here is the jet stream black. What happens, though, is that these pens, they don't have erasers, even though they're a civil pens. But anything that could generate heat will erase it. Even if you leave these in your car on a really hot date, it will race some of that or all of it. So what? You need to do is rub the back of the pen against the paper, and that will generate friction, which will generate heat. And we could see if we go up and down what really quickly. You've got enough heat generated that it will really nicely erase that ink. And that's not rubbing the paper off interest in racing. And you can see it's not rubbing paper off with the jet stream is untouched. Yeah, the papers a little bit marked up, but this is a delicate paper, so it's worth keeping mind, and you could be more delicate with your eraser to You just have to be consistent over the same area to get enough heat. So they write. Fine. I'm okay with the Ari in this capacity as a quick note taker. But if you write with it for extended periods of times are Colin E. Three are E three. It's definitely light when you see strokes like that, when you're just in a tight pattern like that, it looks darker. But here, when you're writing and see it is pretty light, it's fine, it's in. The acceptable range is just not as good as some of the other erase bullpens out there, and I've talked a lot about the difference in the RV, Siri's and the pilot friction. I like the pilot friction a lot better, but Unit Ball has put a lot of design. Resource is into making the already series really nice. They've done a great job. Pilot has put about nothing into the friction Siri's so there's very little progress on that front. So wrapping up this is the Uni Ball or Uni or Mitsubishi Pencil. Whatever you're looking for, R E Plus, I've seen some people called the Re Plus that really is the R E Plus. Since part of the arty erase bullpen Siri's comes in a school carrying case. Has this push button action push it out? It extends that it doesn't come out any further and then push it back and it locks. Does not walk any further. Kind of reminds me of the The Nokia phone, I think, was the Nokia from the Matrix, where you would take it out and you pop it up and make a call Anyway. That's the already Siri's check, and I keep an eye out for it at your favorite retailers coming soon. Thanks for watching.

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zBPE7ngGI-8

Uni R:E+ 3-in-1 Pen Set Information

Street Price Check Price
Manufacturer Uni
Pen Type Ballpoint
Barrel Color Grey, White, Black, Blue, Pink
Barrel Material Plastic
Grip Color White, Black
Grip Material Plastic
Country of Origin Japan
Still Sold Yes
Release Year2019
Similar To
Capped? Retractable?Retractable
Weight (g)
Ink Color ShippedBlack, Red Grey, Grey
Writing Sizes0.5 mm