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Pilot Automac Mechanical Pencil

The Pilot Automac is a high-end, automatic advancing mechanical pencil. The pencil is the direct successor to some of Pilot’s most famous and most collectible vintage mechanical pencils, like the H-5005.

The Automac uses a full-metal build with high-end knurling on the grip. The knurling is reminiscent of the uses on the pens of the late 1970s and 1980s, where these were professional tools, not simply writing utensils for students.

This is a double-knock pencil, which means that the pipe at the front of the pencil can be fully hidden. This isn’t only a cool feature, it also protects your pencil’s fragile lead pipe from breaking and protects your stuff from being scratched by the pipe.

This is an automatic pencil, which means that as you write the lead extends itself and there is no need to push more lead down using the top button (but you can if you want).

Pilot Automac Mechanical Pencil Information

Street Price Check Price
Manufacturer Pilot
Pencil Models0.5 mm
Barrel ColorSilver, Black
Barrel MaterialMetal
Body Diameter (mm) 9.8
Grip Color Silver
Grip Material Metal
Knurled Grip? No
Grip Diameter (mm) 9.3
Body Shape
Capped or Retractable Retractable
Lead Advance StyleAutomatic, Top Button
Lead Color Graphite
Lead Size (Diameter) 0.5 mm
Similar To:
Eraser Refillable?Yes
Clip MaterialMetal
Length Retracted (cm)14.2
Tip MaterialMetal
Tip Replaceable?No
Pipe TypeSliding
Lead Pipe Length2.4 mm
Pipe Retractable?Yes
Cleaning Rod?No