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Pilot Custom 74 vs Custom Heritage 912 vs Custom Heritage 92

Pilot Custom 74 Fountain Pen
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If you are choosing a higher-end Pilot fountain pen you have a potentially confusing decision to make: do you buy a Custom Heritage 912, a Custom Heritage 92, or a Custom 74? Even the names are alike, how are the pens different from one another?

Pilot Fountain Pens Price Comparison

  • Custom Heritage 912
  • Custom Heritage 92
  • Custom Heritage 91
  • Custom 74

Pilot has a number of excellent, but very similar, entry-level gold nib pens. Choosing the right one can be really confusing. The four above at the main ones you’ll be looking at in the sub-$150 price range.

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Pilot 14K Fountain Pen Basics

These are all gold nib fountain pens from Pilot. They are all “upgrade pens” which is to say higher-end pens but not astronomically priced — the sort of pen you buy when you get serious about pens (but not after winning the lottery).

In Brief

  • Custom 74: Multiple colors, cartridge/converter. The most popular 14k entry-level pen from Pilot.
  • Custom Heritage 91: Japan-only, cartridge/converter. The baby CH912. No longer very popular.
  • Custom Heritage 92: Piston filler. Demonstrator version of the CH91
  • Custom Heritage 912: Larger body (14 cm). Cartridge/converter. Huge nib selection, including Falcon flex nib

Design Notes

  • Custom 74: Rounded top and bottom
  • Custom Heritage 91: Flat top and bottom
  • Custom Heritage 92: Flat top and bottom
  • Custom Heritage 912: Flat top and bottom

Fill Mechanism

  • Custom 74: Cartridge/converter
  • Custom Heritage 91: Cartridge/converter
  • Custom Heritage 92: Piston
  • Custom Heritage 912: Cartridge/converter

Nib Specification

  • Custom 74: #5 size, 14K gold
  • Custom Heritage 91: #5 size, 14K
  • Custom Heritage 92: #5  size, 14K gold
  • Custom Heritage 912: #10 size, 14K gold

Recommended Pilot Fountain Pens

No clear pick yet? If you are new to Pilot fountain pens, we’d recommend the Custom 74 in medium. This is a solid everyday writer and the medium is a nice mix of being smooth without putting down too much ink.

If you are looking for something a bit more fun, try the Custom 74 in a soft fine medium nib. It’s flexy without being impractical.

If you are a dedicated pen user then we’d recommend the CH912. It’s a nice upgrade from the Custom 74 without breaking the bank.