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Platinum Fountain Pen Converter

Platinum Converter

Platinum pens use a proprietary converter and cartridge design. Luckily Platinum makes an excellent converter that sells in a very classy gold or silver design. It is a screw mechanism and is included with higher-end Platinum pens. This is a popular choice for the 3776 Century but will fit almost all Platinum fountain pens.

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Pentel EnerGel LRN7 Needle-tip Liquid Gel Pen Refill

The LRN7 is a type of Pentel Energel gel refill (known as the LR refill) in a 0.7 mm size. The LRN refills specifically refer to the needle-tip (aka needle-point) variety of the refill, with the number indicating the tip size.

This is a liquid gel ink refill that will fit G2 rollerball pens, including any Pentel Energel. This refill is wide enough that it typically fit Japanese gel and rollerball pen bodies but not European ones. It is similar in size to a Pilot G2 refill.

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Uni SXR-600 Jetstream Ballpoint Pen Refill

The SXR-600 is a very special refill: it was the first Jetstream refill in a Parker-style G2 refill body. The refill is sold in two forms: the SXR-600-05 and the SXR-600-07, the 0.5 mm and 0.7 mm sizes.

Prior to this refill being available the SXR refills were rollerball-style refills with a proprietary shape. The SXR-600 not only adheres to the G2 standard but it moved the Jetstream refills to a shorter, twist-compatible version with a metal body.

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