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Sailor Jentle Souten

Sailor Jentle Souten is a medium blue ink. It’s a very close competitor to Pilot’s popular Kon-peki.

Souten is most commonly sold in a 20 ml glass bottle, but it’s also available in Sailor’s larger 50 ml size.

Unlike Pilot’s Kon-peki, which is also a medium blue with pink undertones, Souten is more prone to sheening. The sheen, when it is coaxed out is a pink shade, but it won’t come out during every day writing and can just be seen when using a better pen and Tomoe River paper.

Souten has a nice flow to it, but tends to run wet, so be careful with larger nib sizes. It will tend to show through papers more than a lot of other inks, but doesn’t feather or bleed if you are using a nicer paper (Rhodia, Tomoe, etc.).

This is a reliable, every day ink, but is a little bit on the light side for use in the office or more formal settings. It’s a good daily writer, but not quite as well-manners as the Kon-peki.

Sailor Jentle Souten Information

Street Price Check Price
Manufacturer Sailor
Ink Color Blue
Secondary ColorBlue
Bottle Size 20 ml
Waterproof No
Archival No
Quick-drying No
Tamper-proof No
Fluorescent No
Lubricated No
Cartridge No
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