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Rotring 400 Fountain Pen

Rotring 400

The Rotring 400 is an interesting but very confusing line of pens from the early 1990s. It’s a clear relative of the Rotring 900, but the 400 is smaller and more affordable. The Rotring 400 was later replaced with the Rotring Espirit, which is easier to fine but generally considered to be less collectible.

The closest surviving relatively of the Rotring 400 is the Rotring Tikky line.

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Kaco Edge Fountain Pen

Kaco Edge Fountain Pen

The Kaco Edge fountain pen that was very much inspired by the Lamy 2000, but one with some interesting things about it. First of all, it cost’s just $17.99, about 1/10th of the MSRP of the Lamy 2000. Second it uses real Makrolon in the body, just like the Lamy. Lastly, Kaco opted for a Schmidt steel nib, which can’t match the Lamy’s gold nib, but it’s no slouch!

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