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Best Fountain Pens for Eyedropper Conversion (And How To Do It!)

Converting a fountain pen to an eyedropper is a quick and fun job, so long as you choose the right pen! It’s quick to do, quite cheap, and you can often double or even triple your ink capacity.

Identifying Eyedropper Candidates

If you want to convert a fountain pen to be an eyedropper you are looking for a few very basic (and very obvious) features. First of all, you need a pen with a non-reactive body for the ink to touch as the ink will no longer be in a cartridge, sac, or converter. This usually means a fully plastic body with plastic threads, but it could mean glass.

Second, you want a pen body with no holes in it. If the body is acting a your converter then any hole would be major problems, right? The problem here is that holes make manufacturing easier, so they appear very often. Just look at something like the Lamy Vista, which has two holes running along the side of the body.

Lastly, and this is totally up to you, but you probably want a pen that isn’t too expensive. This is normally a default because of the requirement for plastic parts, but it’s something to keep in mind anyway.

Things You Need For a Conversion

You don’t need much in the way of additional stuff to convert a pen to an eyedropper. Basically you just want a few things to ensure the seal between the pen body and section is very secure and to prevent leaks. Most people recommend using both of these:

  • #5 O-ring ($5.99)
  • Silicone grease ($8.13)
  • Filling mechanism, like a pipette or an actual eyedropper

The o-ring goes at the bottom of the threading and acts as stopped. This way when you screw the body down, there is some pressure against it from the grip section and it’s less likely to loosen over time. The silicone grease goes on the threads and prevents any ink from snaking its way down the threads over time.

The Best Eyedropper Pens

  • Platinum Preppy
  • Kaweco Sport
  • Franklin-Christoph Model 66
  • Lamy Safari (with rollerball body)
  • Lamy Vista (with rollerball body)
  • Nemosine Singularity
  • Pilot Petit1
  • Pilot Prera
  • Pilot Plumix
  • Pilot Penmanship
  • Pilot 78g

These are pens with plastic bodies with no holes in them, plastic threads on the body, and can be locked down securely. There is always some risk of ink leakage when doing an eyedropper conversion, but these pens should withstand the test of time. Just make sure to actually use the silicone grease and o-ring and to not overtighten the body when screwing it down!