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Pilot G2 Montblanc Hack: $200 Pen for $7

If you really get done to it, what is the beating heart of a high-end pen? Some would say it’s the ink. While that’s not generally the feeling here at Unsharpen — we are pen geeks after all — it’s hard to argue that point if you aren’t. With this thinking in mind, you can get all the bang out of a Montblanc rollerball by using the refill in a excellent, but highly affordable refill, like the Pilot G2.

Here’s how you do just that!

For this hack we used:

  • Pilot G2 retractable pen ($11.48)
  • Montblanc rollerball refill ($20.50)

With a little trim the Montblanc refill is a perfect fit for the Pilot G2. The same thing is true of many other Japanese rollerball refills, like the Pentel Energel Infree or Energel-X pens for example.

You can also do a similar hack with one of these body and another European rollerball refill. Some are even better fits for Japanese pen bodies than the Montblanc. Our favorite for a long time was the MB but it’s since become the Pelikan 338 ($8.47), a truly excellent rollerball.