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Pen Ink Types Guide

Pelikan 4001 Ink

When you start to dig into pens just a little bit you’ll see that they are separated ink a few major varieties based on the type of ink they use. These categories are blurry and ultimately not very well defined, but it’s helpful to know the basics about them so you have some idea of what you are buying. This guide will run through the major types of inks in order to help you get a better understanding of the major types of pens, how they write, why you might prefer one over the others, and the best uses for each.

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Ohto Horizon

Ohto Horizon

The Ohto Horizon, sometimes called the Ohto Horizon EU or the Ohto Horizon Needle Tip, is a modern-looking all-metal pen. It’s made of aluminum and has a distinct click and loud, and snappy return after pressing a side button.

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Ohto Rays Gel Pen

Ohto Rays Pen

The Ohto Rays is a gel pen that uses Ohto’s Flash Dry gel ink. It clearly been inspired by the Parker Jotter, with its classic 1950s styling, plastic grip, brushed steel body, and top button. Like the Jotter it uses a Parker-style G2 refill. The Ohto’s defining feature is a 0.5 mm needle tip in a fun and amusing twist on the classic.

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