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Fountain Pen Syringe

Fountain Pen Syringe

The easiest way to refill a fountain pen cartridge is with a syringe. The syringes used for this purpose have skinny, long metal tips that are blunt at the end. The blunt end will product you as well as your pens and their components.

Many, many companies make appropriate syringes for refilling pens and cartridges, though none of them are made expressly for refilling fountain pens so these syringes might have to be purchases through office suppliers, industrial suppliers, scientific testing equipment dealers, or even electronics resellers.

Some fountain pen stores — online or otherwise — will resell these plastic syringes but expect to pay a hefty price premium for the same quality of parts.

Fountain pen syringes are used for filling fountain pen cartridges in a safe, and non-messy manner.


Lamy Dialog Wood Case

Lamy Dialog Wood Case

Lamy’s Dialog 1 and Dialog 2 pens were originally sold with a wooden case. Like the pens themselves the case was designed by Richard Sapper.

The wooden case is not so much a carrying case as a gift and storage case, befitting the high-end nature of these pens. It has a magnetic closure and rubberized interior designed to protect the pen while its stored inside.

The inside of the case is a thin coat of a grippy soft-touch rubber. This coating is prone to flaking off, as it’s just a very coating on top of the wood. This is especially true with the Dialog 1 version because the Dialog 1’s front end features a short, sharp barrel which can grip the rubber material and pull it off the wood.

The wood used in the case is a beech wood, similar to the often used on Ikea furniture.

Lamy Dialog 1 Wood Case - Open

The empty Dialog 1 case weighs 81.4 grams.